Water Treatment College Courses

Encyclopedia of Water Treatment

A Series of College Courses on High-Purity Water Treatment

Also available...The certifiable training CDs on which the courses are based.

Collegiate Edition water training CDs offer certifiable courses that include a final exam.

Designed to meet the requirements of a college curriculum, each Collegiate Edition volume includes all the material of the standard editions from the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment plus the following:

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Topic Objectives: What the trainee is expected to learn from a topic.

Definitions: Outlined for each topic, as well as a full glossary.

Additional Quiz Questions: Written to further reinforce topic objectives.

Final Examination: After completing the topics, the trainee must answer 25 questions without missing more than 5, randomly chosen from over 50 questions.

Verification of Completion: Available when a trainee passes the final exam.

Correspondence courses will be offered through St. Cloud Technical College that will use the Collegiate Edition CD-ROMs.  An Associate of Science degree will require additional elective courses offered by St. Cloud Technical College, or from another accredited collegiate institution.

Each of the 2 credit, water treatment college courses will be based around the corresponding Collegiate Edition CD-volume from the Encyclopedia of Water Treatment.  The RO classes will also require the book, Reverse Osmosis, A Practical Guide for Industrial Users.  Other subject areas will require a text, to be designated by the instructor, Wes Byrne.  Passing a course will require completion of designated questions from the text or supplied by the instructor, completion of a mid-term technical report and a final research project chosen by the instructor, and successfully passing the final examination in the CD, all within six months after registering for the course.  Technical support for the courses will be provided by CEA.

Correspondence Courses for College Certification or Degree

Water Treatment College Courses are offered for certification or a degree

1540 Northway Drive

St. Cloud, MN 56303-1240

Associate of Science Degree Requirements:   Successfully passing 16 High-Purity Water Treatment Curriculum courses (32 credits), and obtaining 30 general education credits from St. Cloud Technical College or from another accredited institution

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Note: Volume links below will take you to a detailed description of the contents of the Standard Edition of each CD-ROM.

 Volume I. RO Chemistry Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume II. RO Basics Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume III. RO Monitoring Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume IV. RO Cleaning Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume V. RO Pretreatment Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume VI. RO Bio-Control Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume VII. RO System Analysis (& Design) Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume VIII. RO Troubleshooting Collegiate Edition training CD-ROM

 Volume IX. Ion Exchange Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume X. EDR & EDI (Electrodeionization) Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume XI. High-Purity Water Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

 Volume XVII. Boiler Water Basics Collegiate Edition CD-ROM

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